5th International Congress of Positive Psychology

Dear Colleagues,

As Üsküdar University, we adopted a mission to familiarize and popularize ‘positive psychology’ in our country as the year of our establishment. We have held many congresses with international participation in 2016, 2017, 2019 and 2022 from this point of view. Moreover, we included “The Journal of Happiness and Well-Being” in Üsküdar University periodicals, which we published the 13th issue of the journal in September, 2022.

We will hold the 5th International Positive Psychology Congress on March 10-11-12, 2023 in Istanbul, Üsküdar University and via Zoom, as fijital event, on the strength of the great attention and participation to our congresses.

World Health Organization announced the theme of “World Mental Health Day” in 2022, which is celebrated every year on October 10, as “Make mental health and Well-being for all a global priority”. We determined the main theme of this year as “Science of Kindness” for our congress from this point of view and we are searching for an answer to the question of “What does Kindness Bring?” together with all of our participants.

We believe that our congress will be enriched with your participation and contribution of our dear colleagues while we are experiencing the enthusiasm of hosting national and international names that carry out studies in the field of positive psychology and contribute greatly to this field.

Our congress program includes conferences, panels, workshops, paper and poster presentations where leading academicians in the field of positive psychology and its related fields will attend. Congress will be carried out in Turkish and English language pair.

We wish that our congress will increase hope for the future of both our country and the world and we would be pleased to have your presence here.

Kind regards,

Asst. Prof. Fatma TURAN

Secretary General of the Congress

You can access the new issue of our journal via the following
web site: https://jhwbjournal.com/