Announcement 1: Scientist Tayyab RASHID, one of the most important names in the field of Positive Psychology in the world, will attend our congress as a guest of honor.

Announcement 2: The Institute of Positive Psychology and the Turkish Psychological Counseling and Guidance Association are the stakeholders of our congress.

Announcement 3: Congress participants will present their papers face to face and online.

Announcement 4: All papers admitted to our congress will be included in the program of congress papers.  Papers that are presented by participating in the paper presentation sessions will be later published on Paper Abstract Booklet. The booklet will be available on our web site. Full text of the papers will be requested from the participants until June 30, 2024. After full text of the papers evaluated by referee, it will have a right to be published on our international refereed journal titled with The Journal of Happiness and Well Being (JHWB).

You can access new issue of our journal via the following web site:

Announcement 5: Study groups are included in the congress participation fee. Participation is limited by quota and it will be held face-to-face